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SkyRun Vacation Rentals North Lake Tahoe

Accommodations/Lodging, Property Management

Established in 2016, SkyRun Vacation Rentals North Lake Tahoe offers "boutique style" property management with national brand resources to short-term vacation rentals in North Lake Tahoe. SkyRun is owned and operated by husband/wife team (Rod and Leslie Heier). Their love for the region and personal values are to uphold and respect the uniqueness and beauty of each Tahoe community!

11260 Donner Pass Rd.

Company Website

Leslie Heier | (530) 214-4131
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Our Culture / Vibe

SkyRun North Lake Tahoe is family owned and offers "boutique style" property management. Building our SkyRun team/family with individuals that have the the same dedication and passion for the hospitality industry and the love and respect for the uniqueness and beauty of the Tahoe region is our next step! Call us!

Mission / Vision / Values

Mission - to provide the best vacation and hospitality experience possibly for guests during their stay.
Vision - to develop/brand a "boutique style" property management business and build a SkyRun team/family that has the same passion and commitment to the SkyRun mission and the hospitality industry.
Values - transparency and integrity to owners and guests, professionalism, excellent property management services, clean, well-maintained and presentable properties.

Benefits / Perks

Perks & Culture

Ski passes, Ability to work remotely


Mileage Reimbursement/ Gas allowance

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Skills/Functions We Look For

Clerical/Administrative, Carpentry/Construction, Electrical/Plumbing/Heating/Stove, Housekeeping/Janitorial, Driving, Physical Labor (no/low skills), Home Maintenance (i.e. landscaping/handyman), Sales & Business Development

Shifts We Have Available

mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, midweek

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