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Nocs Provisions’ goal is to preserve the land and sea that is shared by all. A 1% For the Planet member from day one, Nocs partners with educational and environmental organizations that serve to protect our natural resources and educate the next generation. By observing and discovering how intricate and delicate our planet’s ecosystem is, the more it reveals itself.

150 Alpine Meadows Rd. Alpine Meadows, CA 96146.

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Chris McKleroy | (650) 814-6889
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“I started Nocs Provisions to serve the next generation of humans with the goal of disconnecting from technology by helping us discover and study our surroundings,” says McKleroy. “Nocs has been a member of 1% for the Planet since day one, and our products ship in plastic-free, post-consumer recycled boxes printed with soy ink, because we know everything we do matters and impacts the planet. I believe that the more people explore their surroundings, the more they will want to protect them, and that’s a core part of Nocs Provisions’ brand DNA.”

Mission / Vision / Values

Inspired by life at the beach, Nocs is an ode to the original seafarers and coastal pioneers. Nocs Provisions is a collective of people who are stoked to seek the unseen. To travel curiously, and to discover the best spots along the way.

The design is inspired by the seemingly symmetric yet completely unique lines of the sea and the coastal dunes where they meet. The logo is inspired by the sunset. And the packaging is plastic free.

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Ability to work remotely, Dog friendly work environment

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