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We’re a local company in Truckee, California with 15 years experience. Our facility provides quality sand blasting and powder coating with hundreds of colors to choose from. Powder coat finishes are applied in our state of the art powder booth and then cooked to perfection in our 21 foot knox oven.

​Powder coating projects we have done range from small household items (bikes, patio furniture) to artistic creations to larger construction projects (fencing, railings, interior and exterior construction fixtures).

​Other items we’ve powdercoated include skid plates, lumber racks, motorcycle frames, bathroom fixtures, boat parts and trailers, car wheels, posts, and gates.

10929 Industrial Way

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Celia De Benedetti | (650) 704-4739
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Small plant near downtown Truckee,

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We are a construction subcontractor that does powder coating of metal items such as railings, window frames, chimney caps, outdoor furniture and art features.

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Carpentry/Construction, Physical Labor (no/low skills)

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mornings, afternoons

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