KidZone Museum Request for Proposal – Construction Owner’s Representative Services

KidZone Museum Request for Proposal – Construction Owner’s Representative Services

Request for Proposal Construction Owner’s Representative Services

February 2022
ISSUED BY: KidZone Museum
KidZone Museum
11711 Donner Pass Rd.
Truckee, CA 96161

Release Date: Feb 1, 2022

Carol Meagher, Executive Director
Cell: 530.320.6613
Museum: 530.587.54
Closing Date: April 1, 2022 at 5:00pm (Pacific Time)

KidZone Museum (“Owner”), a non-profit children’s museum in Truckee, CA, is seeking an
“Owner’s Representative” (firm or independent contractor) to manage and execute the design
and construction of a new 12,000 s.f. facility on undeveloped land. The new KidZone Museum
will be a landmark building to house a children’s museum and science center for the visitors and
residents of the greater Lake Tahoe region. The museum will reside in the Truckee River Regional
Park which provides over 20 acres of recreation for the community.

The Owner’s Representative will report to the Museum’s Planning Committee who are steering
the project. The job of the Owner’s Representative in this commercial construction project is to

1. Comprehensive understanding. The Owner’s Representative, in understanding the
entire project planning and execution process, acts as the binding agent between
designers, constructors, and the owner to help the owner successfully manage the new
building design and construction.
2. Insightful guidance. As the Museum’s trusted advisor with extensive project
management experience, the Owner’s Representative will be relied upon to explain
critical decisions, the pros and cons of options, and generally help the Owner make
informed decisions through all the stages of the construction project.
3. Provide unbiased advocacy. As the Owner’s independent fiduciary, the Owner’s
Representative manages the project designers and constructors to ensure the budget and
schedule stay on track. The Owner’s Representative’s task will be to protect the
Museum’s investment throughout every stage of the project.

The Owner’s Representative responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

● Help the Owner hire an architect, construction firm, or design/build firm
● Obtain necessary permits, approvals, and other regulatory prerequisites
● Supervise costs in order to meet budget
● Provide direction over contracts and subcontracts as needed
● Oversee construction schedule and activities
● Issue progress updates to the Owner as needed regarding costs and timelines
● Ensure work is done in compliance with all relevant building and safety codes

Required Experience
Candidate must have excellent commercial construction project manager experience that
includes, but is not limited to:

1. Excellent Communication and Evaluation Skills: Experience as a commercial project
manager with excellent communication skills in working with contractors, regulatory
inspectors and stakeholders. Strong written communication skills to invite contractors to
bid on a construction project, to publish the information on websites and local
newspapers in a clear, precise and grammatically correct manner. Verbal communication
skills are needed when the Owner’s Representative responds to phone calls from
contractors interested in the project.
2. Evaluation Skills: The Owner’s Representative shall have evaluation skills to develop the
criteria for selecting a winning bidder for the project using a system of evaluation such as
a contractors’ performance records. The Owner’s Representative will guide the Museum
Planning Committee to select the best firm(s) for the project.
3. Negotiating Deals: Excellent negotiation skills to negotiate contracts that include project
costs and other terms and conditions to secure a cost-effective deal.
4. Solving Disputes: Because disputes between contractors and project owners can be
time-consuming and costly, the Owner’s Representative needs strong dispute resolution
skills to resolve conflicts. The Owner’s Representative uses dispute resolution skills to
facilitate a meeting(s) where the contractors and the developer can deliberate and find a
way forward.

Desired Education and Skills
● Bachelor’s degree in Building Construction, Construction Management, Civil
Engineering, or Architecture
● 5-7 years of experience in project management within construction, including experience
in managing projects in our high altitude mountain environment
● Comfortable reading and understanding blueprints and drawings
● Proficient in Microsoft Office and general computer software
● Demonstrated knowledge of construction, engineering, and architecture principles
● Ability to budget, schedule, negotiate, and control costs
● High degree of familiarity with contract and subcontract documents, terms, and
● Strong leadership and management skills
● Experience working with non-profit, education &/or museum entities would be helpful
Selection and Criteria Process

The KidZone Museum Board will review candidates and evaluate them based on capability to
perform services, including demonstrated qualifications to competently and timely complete the
work, reputation in the community, quality of references and fairness of proposal fees for this
contractual work. KidZone may schedule interviews with selected candidates, or it may select
based on written submissions.

All applications must be received by April 1, 2022 and include (1) a hard copy of the following
documents delivered by mail to the museum, and (2) receipt of documents by email sent to Include in your cover letter your skills and education that makes you
a perfect fit for this position. Speak to your experience working as a project manager for a
commercial construction project and developing RFP’s. We want to know if you have worked in
this capacity for a non-profit organization and how that is different from a for profit entity. We
also want to know how you handled one difficult situation, or a situation that required a changing
of the construction schedule, why and how you remedied the issue.

Required applicant documents are:
1. Cover letter
2. Resume
3. References that include contact information

Send documents by email

Mail hardcopy documents to: KidZone Museum, 11711 Donner Pass Rd., Truckee, CA 96161
★ Project timeline expected to be from 2022-2025