Store Manager for Coffeebar Squaw Valley!

Store Manager for Coffeebar Squaw Valley!

12047 Donner Pass Road, Truckee, CA 96161
(925) 548-6004
About Coffeebar

Store Manager for Coffeebar Squaw Valley! (1750 Village East Road, Unit 61, Olympic Valley, CA)

Coffeebar Core Values

•Passion – A constant pursuit of knowledge, a desire to be the best, and a willingness to sacrifice to achieve your goals and the goals of the company.

•Hospitality – Curating a welcoming feeling for our friends, family, and strangers alike.

•Sprezzatura – The art of making something difficult seem effortless and easy.

•Sustainability – The practice of caring for each other, our community, our vendors, and our producers, being mindful of how our products are produced and our impact on the environment.

•Generosity – Showing up daily with intentional care toward each other and our guests. Supporting each other and guests with enthusiasm and whatever-it-takes commitment to the Coffeebar team.


The Store Manager (SM) is the core of the leadership team at their store. They are in charge of every aspect of operations, from managing personnel to setting and achieving sales goals to upholding cleanliness standards and everything in between. They should lead according to our core values, and ensure they are upheld by all team members to facilitate a positive and productive work environment.


Duties and Responsibilities


•Lead by example with hard work, dedication, and accountability while inspiring and developing your team.

•Work with Director of Coffee, training team, and management team to ensure proper training and development for all staff according to Coffeebar standards.

•Provide ongoing day-to-day coaching and regular positive and constructive feedback to your team. Show/explain how and why things can be improved, rather than just telling.

•Recognize and respond to performance issues, following proper disciplinary guidelines.

•Recognize outstanding team members, provide opportunities for others to step up into leadership roles.

•Oversee both food and beverage operations to ensure store runs as a cohesive whole.

•Constantly seek to improve and learn more about coffee, tea, wine, beer, and food, taking responsibility for self-education.

•Delegate tasks and responsibilities to your team as appropriate to develop an in-store leadership team and effectively manage day-to-day tasks and projects.



•Ensure that we positively affect each and every customer so they leave the Coffeebar experience feeling better than when they came in.

•Work on bar and on the floor to develop relationships with our customers, assist staff during high volume periods, and stay connected to the customer experience.

•Foster relationships with regulars, learning names and regular drink orders, and emphasize importance of these personal relationships when training staff.

•Respond to customer issues with diplomacy and grace. Fix mistakes/remake a drink without hesitation, and do everything you can to ensure every customer leaves satisfied.

•Ensure the café has a warm welcoming vibe, is clean and well stocked so customers have everything they need.

•Communicate Coffeebar service standards to all team members and coach accordingly


•Manage day-to-day financial operations, including deposits and ensuring proper distribution of tips.

•Analyze sales performance trends and implement ideas to grow sales, especially during non-peak hours.

•Drive financial results, focusing on making improvements every day!

•Manage inventory – ordering, tracking, cost analysis, etc. Implement systems to accurately track usage and waste and keep stock organized.

•Ensure that all health and safety standards (including local, state, and federal regulations) are followed. E.g. Regularly check sani-buckets, ensure proper food storage and refrigeration, check/clean grease trap…

•Maintain all equipment to ensure proper function and compliance with health and safety standards.

•Create weekly schedule according to store needs, staff availability, and labor cost reports. Ensure adequate coverage so all staff receive necessary breaks.

•Implement systems to communicate effectively with staff for both big-picture announcements and daily need-to-know information, such as menu changes, 86’d items, new coffee releases, etc. Where applicable, utilize existing company resources like, Homebase and Slack.

•Review weekly financial performance vs. budget

•Hold weekly meetings with team leadership to ensure proper communication and convey operational performance and set goals.

•Stay highly organized with a daily cascade of your time in the store.


We’re Hospitalians first, Baristas and Chefs second. Making people feel great is our M.O. Our team is passionate about creating amazing experiences, fostering community, cultivating sustainable local business partnerships, and giving great high fives.

We offer flexible schedules, health benefit options, 401(k) options after one year, meal & swag discounts, all the coffee you can drink, competitive pay, room for growth and the best company culture.

To apply, please email your resume to! We look forward to meeting you!

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