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Restaurant, Retail ( excluding sports)

In 1997, Billy Griffin, the General Manager of The Tahoe Community Market, bought the store from the owner, Mark Calhoun. Billy changed the name to New Moon Natural Foods and three years later, in 2000, he bought the original market in Tahoe City as well. Through four expansions New Moon grew and grew, while our community did the same. In addition to natural grocery, New Moon now features the Crescent Café serving homemade organic meals, a 100% organic Juice Bar, the finest craft beer selection, gourmet cheeses, locally-raised meats and a 100% Organic Produce department with quality that rivals any store, anywhere.

Today Mountain People’s Warehouse is UNFI, the largest distributor of Natural Products in the nation, with revenues exceeding $10 Billion annually. The buying club that wound a path to become New Moon is now in its third decade with Billy still at the helm. And natural products can be found in nearly every grocery store and corner market in America. It appears those hippies were on to something. The times have a-changed, but the ideals remain the same: a commitment to ethically-sourced, high-integrity food and expert service for those with specialty diets.
And these days, the box is no match for the taste of what’s inside.
Our Name

The New Moon is, traditionally, a time for new beginnings. It’s a time for planting seeds, starting new endeavors and casting off old patterns that have run their course. With every new cycle, the moon presents us a celestially-supported opportunity to re-examine ourselves and sprout a new, fresh leaf. A fitting name for a company dedicated to the continued reinvention of the food chain while helping our community find the healthiest and most harmonious ways of living.

11357 Donner Pass Rd

Company Website

Jenny O'Hara | (530) 587-7426
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Our Culture / Vibe

We’re a fun bunch of people! We know our customers (and their kids!) by name. We love to laugh and hug and celebrate life. Come introduce yourself and feel the Love!

A business should be more than just a way to make money; it should be a vehicle for promoting the best in humanity.

Mission / Vision / Values

Mission: To Nourish and Strengthen our Community through Ethical Food Choices that support Sustainability, Stewardship and Fairness across the Globe.
Vision: To be Tahoe's best place to work by providing all New Moonies with Stability, Autonomy, Mastery and Purrpose.
Values: Respect, diversity, integrity, generosity, joy, fairness, nourishment, fun, transcendence, tolerance, accountability and love.

Benefits / Perks

Health / Wellness

Extended Time Off / Leave of Absence, Convert unused sick days to vacation days, Dependent Care, Healthcare - Medical, Healthcare - Dental, Healthcare - Vision, Paid time off-Sick time, Paid time off-Vacation time, Wellness stipend (pay or reimbursement - i.e. gym, Staff fitness classes

Personal Finance / Retirement Planning

Retirement Savings Plan

Perks & Culture

Discounts for services/products within company, Free meals


Career Development Training/Professional certifications

Social & Civic Involvement

Team building events/activities, Employee Appreciation program/Events

Other Benefits

Paid birthdays, Wellness Vouchers (acrued hourly and can be used by and for area practitioners, ie message therapists, accupuncure, chiropractor, etc.)

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Skills/Functions We Look For

Cashier/Retail/Concierge, Culinary, Physical Labor (no/low skills)

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mornings, afternoons, evenings, weekends, midweek

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