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Forrer Woodworks


Manufacturer for all Dr. Squatch's wooden products.

10800 Pioneer Trail, Bld 5

Company Website

Jacob Forrer | (317) 900-9135
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Our Culture / Vibe

It's a fast-paced, friendly, younger group of individuals working in a professional shop-based environment with the potential to learn and grow.

Mission / Vision / Values

Benefits / Perks

Health / Wellness

Paid time off-Sick time, Paid time off-Vacation time

Personal Finance / Retirement Planning

Retirement Savings Plan


Career Development Training/Professional certifications, Mentorship program

Why Mountain People Love Working Here

Skills/Functions We Look For

Carpentry/Construction, Electrical/Plumbing/Heating/Stove, Physical Labor (no/low skills), Home Maintenance (i.e. landscaping/handyman), Professional Skills (legal/nursing/engineering)

Shifts We Have Available

mornings, afternoons, evenings, midweek